Costume & Makeup Designer   



Yellow River Boatmen, World Premiere in October 2023, produced by Beijing Tianqi Media, Book by Shijin Kang, Chief Directed by Xiaodong Gong, Music Directed by Li Hui, Set Design by Wu Zhang, Costume Design by Jiyan Ding, Lighting by Wang Qi. The first Shaanxi folk song opera is rooted in the traditional culture of northern China. It fully incorporates chants, original folk songs, and minor tunes with the style of Northern Shaanxi and the Yellow River region into its music writing, and even incorporates rap expressions. In the collision of tradition and modernity, this opera vividly presents to the audience this moving story in the Stone Village on the bank of the Yellow River. Won the 2023 Shaanxi Provincial Wenhua Award.


New Liu Sanjie, Caidiao Opera, World Premiere 2020 in Nanning, Guangxi. Produced in Guangxi Drama Theater. Director by Xiaodong Gong, Book by Jianjun Chang, Set Design by Wu Zhang, Costume Design by Jiyan Ding, Lighting by Zhengping Zhou, Choreographer by Jun Li, Li Li, Chengshan Pang. Caidiao Opera is a kind of opera spread in Guangxi,  and have a history of 300 years. In September 2022, the Opera won the 17th Wenhua Award, the highest Chinese Culture and Arts Government Award. This is a Zhuang fable in the new era where folk songs appeal to the soul and homesickness.


Concentric Knot, World Premiere September 2020 in Sichuan. Produced by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and Sichuan Symphony Orchestra. Music Directed by Zujie Wang , Screenplay Adaptation by Baiming Feng, Chief Directed by Xiaodong Gong, Composed by Kai Luan, Conducted by Chao Xiao, Set Design by Wu Zhang, Costume Design by Jiyan Ding, Lighting by Xin Xing, and Projection Design by Zhigang Wang. Tenor by Hongwei Wang. Soprano by Ning Jiang, Qian Wang, and Huali Huang. Mezzo-soprano by Zhuo Zhang. The number of participants reaches 260. The Opera was first performed in 1981 and is a classic opera in China.