Costume & Makeup Designer

As a well-known costume and makeup designer, Jiyan Ding (Ding Ding) has worked with more than 20 theaters and institutions on over 60 productions worldwide. Her designs are not only colorful, rich, and diverse but also adaptable to different mediums and cultural traditions. Whether it is on movie & TV screens or theater spaces of different sizes, whether in the East or the West, she can always accurately grasp the artistic vision and design scale with her keen sense. She has become the costume designer of choice for many of the world’s most innovative productions and award-winning directors.

Ding Ding graduated from The Central Academy of Drama in 2001, the top drama university in China. She was a Distinguished Graduate of the Department of Stage Design with a bachelor's degree in Art. Her focus of study covers a wide range of theatrical traditions including Greek Theatre, Shakespeare's plays, Italian operas, and a variety of modern theatre disciplines.

Ding Ding has a rich background in traditional fabric processing, but she is also innovating in the use of textiles. She recent research has concentrated on the design and use of luminous fabrics. She is proficient in drawing software and fabric printing, and she is passionate about using technology to create unique theatrical characteristics. As a costume and make-up designer, she also has some sculptural skills. These skills helped her to better deal with design projects with three-dimensional thinking and broadened the expression of design. These skills also helped her direct the special effects makeup department on film work.

Ding Ding believes that teamwork makes the dream work. That’s intrinsic to her success in bringing great designs to life with a constrained schedule and budget.

The creative process starts with her imaginative world, followed by close collaboration with directors, screenwriters, art designer, production designers, and actors, etc. to transform the best ideas into sketches. Throughout the production process, she wears many hats to bring characters to life: from designing and making original costumes to overseeing purchase and adaptation of ready-made outfits, from supervising budget and production schedule, to hiring suppliers and negotiating terms and design requirements, from staffing and managing the team to fitting arrangement. She serves as the integral part to create cohesive work and maximize the collective potential across teams.

As a well-versed designer, Ding Ding is a great storyteller and communicator. She has a strong global network of artists that she works closely with. She has her assistant team, makeup team, costume management team, and theatrical costume manufacturers, who she has worked with for many years.

Inspiration will burst out in listening, style will be produced in color and material~