Costume & Makeup Designer   



ACROSS THE FURIOUS SEA (2023 film), Directed by Baoping Cao, Story by Baoping Cao and Pipi Wu, Art Direction by Xiaojie Song, Cinematographer by Ran Li,  Costume & Makeup Design Leader by Jiyan Ding. Starring: Bo Huang, Xun Zhou, Feng Zu, Youhao Zhang, and Yiran Zhou. The latest work of the "Burning Heart Series" directed by the famous Chinese film director Cao Baoping, the film is a comprehensive upgrade with a series of murders as the core and uses a murder case of a girl to reveal the truth about human nature hidden behind the murders. The film was shot in China and Japan and has won the 2023 "Top Ten Films" award from the Chinese Film Critics Association, with a box office revenue of US$76.4 million.

YOUTH ( 2017 film )

YOUTH ( 2017 film ), Directed by Xiaogang Feng, Original story by Geling Yan, Art  Direction by Haiying Shi, Costume & Makeup Design Leader by Xiaoli Liu,  Costume Design by Jiyan Ding. Adapted from Yan Geling's novel of the same name, the film is set in the 1970s and 1980s. It tells the story of a group of youthful youths in the ideal and passionate army art troupe, experiencing the germination of love and the fate of life full of variables. Director Xiaogang Feng is a famous director in China, and the story is also full of his youthful memories, so the film has a richer perspective. In the movie, the beautiful stage, the cruel war, and the alternation of reality makes people sigh. The film won 22 awards, including Best Film at the 2018 Asian Film Awards and Best Film in 2018 by the China Film Directors Association, and 44 nominations, including Best Makeup and Costume Design and Best Art Direction at the 2017 Golden Horse Film Festival. The media rated it as the best Chinese-language film in the past 10 years. Worldwide gross of $227,091,290.

COCK AND BULL (2016 film) 

COCK AND BULL (2016 film), Film Produced in China, Directed by Baoping Cao, Original story by Tianhui Zhang, Costume & Makeup Design Leader by Jiyan Ding. With this film,  Baoping Cao won the Best Director Award at the 8th Australian International Chinese Film Festival, Liu Ye won the Best Actor Award at the 19th Shanghai International Film Festival, and Zhang Yi won the 8th China Film Directors Association Annual Actor Award. The film was based on a 2009 news story about chasing a murderer for thousands of miles. Rated as one of the "Top Ten Chinese Movies" in 2017, it used black humor to interpret the social reality of a certain region.