Costume & Makeup Designer


The Crossroad 1948

The Crossroad 1948, World Premiere 2019 in Beijing, China, Produced in National Centre for the Performing Arts, Directed by Xiaodong Gong, Book by Baoqun Li, Set Design by Wu Zhang, Costume & Makeup Design by Jiyan Ding, Lighting by Xin Xing. The play formerly known as "Choice" is an original play created by the National Centre for the Performing Arts to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. The four main characters in the play are all famous generals who made great contributions to the Anti-Japanese War. In the winter of 1948, they faced extremely difficult life and death choices. In this play, several main characters struggle fiercely in the inner psychological and outer material worlds under the background of a special era.

Ordinary World

Ordinary World, World Premiere 2015 in Xi'an, China, Produced in Shaanxi People's Art Theatre Drama, Directed by Xiaodong Gong,Book by Bing Meng, Set Design by Wu Zhang, Costume & puppet Design by Jiyan Ding, and Lighting by Xin Xing. The drama Ordinary World is based on Lu Yao’s novel of the same title, which was awarded the Mao Dun Literary Prize. Unfolding around the destiny of three families in Shuangshui Village, Loess Plateau in North Shaanxi, the drama builds up a picture of how society changed extensively in the late years of the Cultural Revolution until the early stage of reform and describes the images of many ordinary people at all levels of society. Labour and love, frustration and pursuit, pain and pleasure, daily life, and huge social conflicts are intertwined all together intricately, strikingly displaying the arduous and tortuous road on which ordinary people are walking forward under a general historical background.

The Epiphany Ming

The Epiphany Ming, World Premiere 2017 in Guizhou, Produced by China's Guizhou and Zhejiang Theater, Directed by Xiaodong Gong, Book by Baoqun Li, Set Design by Zhang Wu, Costume Design by Jiyan Ding, and Lighting by Zhengping Zhou. The story about the life of Yangming Wang, a Chinese philosopher and military strategist in the Ming Dynasty. Conceptual Design: The combination of the historical reality of the outline and the language of modern drama. After communicating with the director, Ding Ding created the Basic Costume. Replace tops and hats on top of the Basic Costume, quickly and easily complete the switching of all roles in the whole play. All actors are also performers of stage sets and props. Their role is similar to the Chorus in ancient Greek drama. The costume work was selected into the National Grand Theater Memorial Exhibition for the 110th Anniversary of Chinese Drama.