Costume & Makeup Designer


ACROSS THE FURIOUS SEA (2023 film), Directed by Baoping Cao, Story by Baoping Cao and Pipi Wu, Art Direction by Xiaojie Song, Cinematographer by Ran Li,  Costume & Makeup Design Leader by Jiyan Ding. Starring: Bo Huang, Xun Zhou, Feng Zu, Youhao Zhang, and Yiran Zhou. The latest work of the "Burning Heart Series" directed by the famous Chinese film director Cao Baoping, the film is a comprehensive upgrade with a series of murders as the core and uses a murder case of a girl to reveal the truth about human nature hidden behind the murders. The film was shot in China and Japan and has won the 2023 "Top Ten Films" award from the Chinese Film Critics Association, with a box office revenue of US$76.4 million.

BOOK OF LIFE(2023 drama)

Book of Life  is adapted from the same name novel by Peifu Li, who won the 9th Mao Dun Literature Award (China's highest literary award). It took five years to be put on the stage by the Shaanxi Provincial People's Art Theater and World Premiere in May 2023. Drama Screenplay by Baoqun Li, Chief Directed by Xiaodong Gong, Music by Hui Li, Set Design by Zhang Wu, Costume Design by Jiyan Ding, and Lighting by Qi Wang. The theme of the play is the times and people. In the narrative of "I", during the huge leap from traditional villages to modern cities, the play focuses on those who walk with the land on their backs and creates a series of characters with distinctive personalities. The performance lasts for 5 hours and is divided into two parts. This is a profound work about the 50-year changes in urban and rural China. The play won the "Best Annual Play" and "Best Screenplay" awards at the 7th China Drama Festival.  


Yellow River Boatmen, World Premiere in October 2023, produced by Beijing Tianqi Media, Book by Shijin Kang, Chief Directed by Xiaodong Gong, Music Directed by Li Hui, Set Design by Wu Zhang, Costume Design by Jiyan Ding, Lighting by Wang Qi. The first Shaanxi folk song opera is rooted in the traditional culture of northern China. It fully incorporates chants, original folk songs, and minor tunes with the style of Northern Shaanxi and the Yellow River region into its music writing, and even incorporates rap expressions. In the collision of tradition and modernity, this opera vividly presents to the audience this moving story in the Stone Village on the bank of the Yellow River. Won the 2023 Shaanxi Provincial Wenhua Award.

HUANGPU! HUANGPU! (2024 show)

Huangpu! Huangpu!  World premiere in January 2024, produced by Huangpu Culture Group, Chief Directed by Yan Tong, Book by Dai Li,  Music by Xiao Zhang, Visual Design & Set Design by Lu Qi, Costume & Makeup Design by Jiyan Ding. The Whampoa Military Academy, known as the "cradle of generals", has left a solemn and glorious page in China's modern history. The show immersively reproduces the century-old history and unparalleled pride of the Whampoa Military Academy, leading the audience to travel through the military academy's century-old time and space and relive those exciting years of burning passion.